Custom Laboratory Analysis

All Micro-Bac Intenational, Inc.® products are natural, non-pathogenic, and are not genetically engineered. They were developed by Micro-Bac’s research and development laboratories and are manufactured under strict quality guidelines with batch and lot control. No special clothing or equipment is necessary to handle the product.

Improved Oil Production and
Well Rejuvenation

Micro-Bac International is considered a world leader in the development of microbial products that improve oil production. Since our first Society of Petroleum Engineers award for Oilfield Innovation in 1991, our Para-Bac™ products line has grown immensely and has been utilized throughout the world to produce significant changes in the oil production factors that determine success. Microbial improvements in the near welbore region is one of the most notable of these factors. Soaking treatments that clear perforations, remove skin damage, clear tubing and perform thorough well clean up that persists for months at a time.



Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEORs) are a popular stimulation treatment we offer that increases daily production averages, impact formation flow characteristics, initialize flow, mobilize heavy fractions and increase net oil production.



Para-Bac® products are used to control paraffin, corrosion, and scale in producing oil wells, as well as in microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR). Para-Bac is also used in above-ground production facilities to keep tanks, separators, and flow lines clean, as well as in waterflooding treatment.



Gum-Bac line of products is designed to enhance the performance of stimulation procedures utilizing guar gum based gels in formation fracturing. Depending upon the application, the products may be used to improve any or all of the following factors; relative permeability in the fracturing zone, gel breaking, occult hydrocarbon deposition in the formation, emulsion breakout. Application may be done in prepad or in fracturing fluid modalities. Micro-Bac International’s engineering services group is available to assist in designing the optimal treatment for your fracturing process. The products are non-pathogenic, non-corrosive, safe to handle and ready to use from the container. They are compatible with most non-toxic fracturing materials.



Micro-Bac understands the wide variety of oils that are being produced around the world and has developed an extensive array of oilfield products that address this wide variety. There are also products that provide microbial solutions for waterflood applications, damaged fractures, and tank cleaning.

Bioremediation Applications

  • Oil & Fuel Spills
  • Hazardous Wastes
  • Underground Storage
  • Tank Leaks
  • Marinas
  • Contaminated Ground Water
  • Abandoned Sumps
  • Bioreactors
  • Landfarming / Biosolids
  • Sludge Lagoons

Remediation of environmental pollution requires a broad range of technologies. The oldest of these is bioremediation, a natural process in which microbes reduce organic substances to water and carbon dioxide. Because indigenous bacteria are not always sufficient or suitable, the majority of bioremediation projects benefit from the addition of M-1000™ bioremediation products and M-1000 CO for oil spills.

Using proprietary methods, Micro-Bac scientists isolate different strains of microbes that work together to degrade specific contaminants. Because site conditions and types of contamination vary greatly, M-1000™ products include only microbes capable of surviving and thriving in difficult environmental situations. Treatment processes include in situ or ex situ projects, waste minimization, bioreactors, sludge lagoons, land farming, soil washing, pump and treat, and tank cleaning.

Successful use of M-1000™ products requires close collaboration between remediation, engineering, and waste management professionals. Site analysis and treatment goals are necessary before a project begins, and consistent monitoring during the treatment phase is critical. If research is needed, Micro-Bac®’s microbiologists are well equipped to conduct research on new applications.

Animals & Livestock Production Facilities

This specialized product line was developed for hog, dairy, cattle and poultry operations. The products are used for increased animal health, odor control, sludge digestion and increased efficiency of a farm’s wastewater system.

Hazardous and Contaminated Waste

Hazardous and Contaminated Waste – M-1000® products are used to augment in situ or ex situbioremediation, including crude oil bioremediation, sludge lagoons, landfarming, pump and treat systems, bioreactors, soil washing, waste minimization, and tank cleaning .

Lab Services

Micro-Bac International, Inc.® provides extensive laboratory testing including contract research for all areas of biotechnology and microbiology. The studies most often requested relate to determining the viability of a biological treatment by augmenting with specially selected microbes using native flora.


Oil Field Tests

When a field is identified as a potential candidate for microbial treatment, samples are submitted to Micro-Bac®’s laboratory. Information and data are gathered on the history of the targeted wells and on the well-maintenance problems that need to be treated. Following analysis of the production fluids, specific dosages are recommended. Technical support is available throughout the treatment period to provide on-going monitoring, analyses, and other testing procedures specific to microbial products. Testing methodologies include:


  • Treatment studies

  • Water, saturates, aromatics, resins and asphaltenes analyses

  • Whole oil/gas chromatography

  • Viscosity, pour-point and cloud-point analyses


Treatability Studies

A treatability study is designed to provide the client with preliminary information regarding the ability of specially selected microbes to survive, thrive and remain active in the material submitted for testing. The treatabilities are rated as excellent, good, fair or poor.

The client submits a sample of the material (hydrocarbon production fluid, soil, liquid or sludge) to be treated. Based on the goal of the client (oil production enhancement, well-maintenance, degradation, liquefaction or separation) the sample is treated with the appropriate microbes and nutrients, if applicable. The number of samples prepared is based on how many microbial products and nutrient combined.

Food Processing Operations

Food Processing Operations – Mega-Bac® products are used to accelerate natural degradation of wastes such as fat, oil, milk, starch, protein, and other biologically-derived waste in grease traps, drain lines, and septic tanks.


  • Mega-Bac B1™ – Breweries, Aerobic Production

  • Mega-Bac B2™ – Breweries, Anaerobic Production

  • Mega-Bac X™ – Grease , Fats, Oils, Soy Waste

  • Mega-BacC™ – Acidic food processing