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A well in the Topeka-Lakompta Formation found in the Greenwood Field in Morton, Kansas had a depth of 2900-3100 feet.  The total fluid production was 25 BPD, with a 100% water cut.  Total gas production was 130 MCFD.  Hydrogen sulfide caused by SRBs was at 18 ppm.  The well was bleach treated at a cost of $0.20/mcf.  The pump would plug and stick with iron sulfides twice per year, resulting in a pulling job and replacement of rods and pump.  The bleach treatment consisted of 4 drums 10% Sodium hypochlorite, 3 pounds 67% pool Chlorine, and Spearhead Bleach.  After flushing with 2% KCI, the well would be shut-in for 24 hours.

Treatment with Micro-Bac  International ‘s bacterial products for oil fields began.  A monthly schedule of microbial treatment was established.

The cost to control H₂S and corrosion has been reduced to less than $0.05/mcf.  A reduction of iron sulfide scale in the surface equipment was also noticed.  The Hydrogen sulfide caused by SRBs was reduced to 7ppm.

The use of Micro-Bac, Inc.’s bacterial products in this operation proved to be an effective and economical treatment for reducing hydrogen sulfide and scale buildup on well equipment.

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