Treating Water & Wastewater


  • Municipal Waste Systems
  • Industrial Waste Streams
  • Food Processing
  • Restaurant Grease Traps
  • Car/Truck/Equipment Wash Systems
  • Golf Courses
  • Private Septic Systems
  • Industrial Septic
  • Ponds
  • Lagoons

Do you have a Biosecurity PlanMega-Bac X™should be a part of that plan!

Population growth and industrialization have affected the balance of nature. Unchecked, vast amounts of waste can overwhelm the environment. Using the right combination of microbes, Micro-Bac® has developed synergistic ecosystems to handle a multitude of organic wastes from food, humans, animals and plants.

In 1981, Micro-Bac® conducted its first commercial application, the biotreatment of a 75-acre municipal sludge oxidation pond. This successful application led to further research on useful metabolic activities and byproducts of naturally occurring microorganisms.

In large wastewater systems, ponds and lagoons, Micro-Bac® (our namesake product) improves operating efficiency by reducing sludge and grease, alleviating shock-loading problems, and controlling odor. In septic systems, Micro-Bac® prevents back-up and drain field clogging.

Food processors (breweries, distilleries, meat, poultry, dairy, oil, and grain) use USDA-approved Mega-Bac™ products to maintain efficient activity in treatment systems and waste lagoons and to control odor. At food service facilities and restaurants, Mega-Bac® products control odor and prevent problems in grease traps, pipes, and drain lines. For use at dairy plants, Lacto-Bac™ was developed to degrade substances specific to milk-derived wastes, such as fat, oil, carbohydrates and protein. For more details concerning food processing, please visit our Food Processing section.