Xanthan Gum Degradation

XG Bac is a bacterial culture product designed for degradation of xanthan and structurally similar carbohydrate polymers. It can be used to enhance the performance of simulation procedures utilizing xanthan gums in formation fracturing. It can be used to improve the relative permeabililty of the fracturing zone and gel breaking. Appplication can be done in prepad or in fracturing fluid modalities. Micro-Bac International’s Engineering services group is available to assist in designing the optimal treatment for fracturing process. As the product achieves a complete mineralization of xanthan gum, it leaves minimal polymer residue behind. This makes it also useful in xanthan gum manufacturing waste water applications.


XG Bac comes as a ready to use liquid formulation and can be introduced as part of the frac fluid or delivered as a prepad. Exact use parameters should be designed in conjunction with Micro-Bac Engineering Services. There are many custom applications for XG Bac. It is formulated to be applied in microbial product treatments in oil well stimulations. It is compatible with all other Micro-Bac International microbial products.

Handling and Safety

XG Bac meets U.S. EPA requirements for release into the environment. Special clothing or equipment is not required for handling XG Bac.  Routine sanitary hygiene practices should be observed.


XG Bac is shipped in 5 gallon containers (45lbs.) and in 55 gallon containers (495 lbs.)

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