Mega-Bac XA™

Mega-Bac XA™


Mega-Bac XA

Methane Digesters
The Breakthrough

In response to the growing acceptance of Anaerobic (Methane) Digesters as a means to manage animal waste, Micro-Bac International Inc.® has developed the latest technology to improve the efficiency and productivity of digesters: Mega-Bac XA™. Anaerobic Digesters have long been used throughout the world as a means to process animal waste and produce energy, but have only gained widespread acceptance in the U.S. recently.

The Problem

Anaerobic digestion is a biological process whereby organic waste is digested by bacteria and broken down to produce methane, which in turn is used as fuel. The process offers many environmental advantages over the more frequently used process of aerobic digestion. However, there are some common problems associated with anaerobic digestion. The main problems are:

  • The digestion can be much slower under anaerobic conditions
  • •The start up time before the system is producing methane gas can be slow
  • The build up of solids can lead to inefficient digesters
  • The quality and output of methane can vary greatly

The Solution

Mega-Bac XA addresses the above problems by increasing the efficiency of digestion. The product is a proprietary blend of anaerobic bacteria and biochemicals developed to enhance the degradation of recalcitrant compounds, such as grain derived carbohydrates and proteins, into fatty acids, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. This promotes more rapid and efficient methane production. In short, Mega-Bac XA:

  • Provides more substrate for the methane producing bacteria
  • Increases gas production
  • Enhances start up of new reactors
  • Degrades organic wastes more efficiently
  • Creates a more suitable environment for faster methane production
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