Mega-Bac X™

Mega-Bac X™


Mega-Bac X

High Strength Waste Water and Grease Degradation

Mega-Bac X is a proprietary combination of specially selected, naturally occurring bacteria used to accelerate biodegradation of wastes. It is effective on unsaturated fat, oil, milk, starch, protein, and other biologically derived waste. The metabolic processes of Mega-Bac X bacteria produce enzymes that break down targeted wastes. Mega-Bac X comes as a ready-to-use liquid or granulated formulation.

Product Formula

Mega-Bac X includes multiple strains of facultative bacteria. These bacteria remain active in aerobic or anaerobic conditions.


Micro-Bac’s technical staff can provide dosage recommendations based on the design and volume requirements of the system to be treated.


Mega-Bac X can be applied manually or by feed pumps. Mega-Bac X performs within a pH range of 5 to 9, with best activity at a pH of 7. The temperature range for treatment with Mega-Bac X is 50°F to 110°F (10°C to 45°C).

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