Mega-Bac TF™

Mega-Bac TF™


Mega-Bac TF

High Strength Wastewater and H2S Digestant

Mega-Bac TF™
is a proprietary combination of biologicals and biochemicals used to accelerate biodegradation of septic wastes and to reduce odor. It is effective on unsaturated fat, oil, milk, starch, fecal matter, protein, and other biologically-derived waste. The metabolic processes of Mega-Bac TF™
bacteria produce enzymes that break down targeted wastes. Mega-Bac TF™ comes as ready-to-use liquid formulation, with or without fragrance.

Product Formula

Mega-Bac TF™ includes multiple strains of facultative microbes which remain active in aerobic or anaerobic conditions.

Product Safety

All Micro-Bac® products are natural, non pathogenic, and are not genetically engineered. They were developed by Micro-Bac’s® research and development laboratories and are manufactured under strict quality guidelines with batch and lot control. No special clothing or equipment is necessary to handle the product. Micro-Bac® products meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements for release into the environment.

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