Biological Waste Digestant

MBI-500 is an economical, proprietary combination of biologicals used to accelerate bio-degradation of wastes found in grease traps, food processing plants and lagoons, septic tanks, and agricultural waste collection systems. It degrades unsaturated fat, oil, milk, starch, protein, and other biologically-derived waste. The metabolic processes of MBI-500 microbes produce biochemicals and enzymes that break down targeted wastes. MBI-500 comes as a ready-to-use liquid formulation.


Micro-Bac’s technical staff can provide dosage recommendations based on the design, volumes, and flow rates of the system to be treated.


MBI-500 can be applied manually or by feed pumps. MBI-500 performs within a pH range of 5 to 9, with best activity at a pH of 7. The temperature range for treatment with MBI-500 is 50°F to 110°F (10°C to 45°C).

Handling and Safety

MBI-500 is a non-pathogenic, biological product that meets EPA requirements for release into the environment and is approved for use in facilities regulated by the USDA. Special clothing or equipment is not required for handling MBI-500. Routine hygiene should be observed.

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