Guar Gum Gel Fracking Performance Enhancement

The Gum-Bac™ line of products is designed to enhance the performance of stimulation procedures utilizing guar gum based gels in formation fracturing. Depending upon the application, the products may be used to improve any of all of the following factors; relative permeability in the fracturing zone, gel breaking, occult hydrocarbon deposition in the formation, emulsion breakout. Application may be done in pre-pad or in fracturing fluid modalities. Micro-Bac® International, Inc. is available to assist in designing the optimal treatment for your fracturing process. The products are non-pathogenic, non-corrosive, safe to handle and ready to use from the container. They are compatible with most non-toxic fracturing materials.


Gum-Bac™ comes as a ready-to-use liquid formulation and can be introduced as part of the frac fluid or delivered as a pre-pad. Exact use parameters should be designed in conjunction with Micro-Bac Engineering Services. There are many custom applications for Gum-Bac™.

Handling and Safety

Gum-Bac™ meets EPA requirements for release into the environment. Special clothing or equipment is not required for handling Gum-Bac™. Routine hygiene should be observed.

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