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A well in the Mississippi Formation found in the East Okarche Field in Canadian County, Oklahoma had a depth of 7,500 feet and a total production of 190 barrels per month.  The wellhead water cut was 3%.  This well was hot oiled once per month.  In addition, the flow line was hot oiled every two weeks.

Treatment with Micro-Bac International’s bacterial products for oil fields began.  A monthly schedule of microbial treatment was established.

Oil production increased over 60% to 305 barrels per month with the water cut remaining at 3% (note graph).  The well has had no problems with paraffin.  The well was pulled seven months into treatment to replace a worn pump, without the necessary hot oiling to unseat the pump.

The use of Micro-Bac International’s bacterial products in this operation proved to be an effective and economical treatment for treating paraffin and increasing production in the oil industry.


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