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A well in the Morrow Formation found in the Southwest Kansas Field in Meade County, Kansas had a depth of 5,000 feet and a total production of 33 barrels per month.  The wellhead water cut was 10%.

This well was hot oiled three to four times per year, and paraffin solvents were continuously injected down flow lines.  In addition, the oil required treatment in the winter before the crude could be sold.

Treatment with Micro-Bac International bacterial products for oil fields began.  A monthly schedule of microbial treatment was established.

Oil production increased over 500%, to 166 barrels per month with the water cut at less than one percent (note graph).  In addition, the flow line did not require hot oil treatments.

The use of Micro-Bac International bacterial products in this operation proved to be an effective and economical treatment for treating paraffin and increasing production in the oil industry.




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