Oil Field Success Story

Control of H2S

Three wells in the Eagle Ford Shale Formation in Karnes County south of San Antonio, TX. have a depth of 11,000 ft. and total production of approximately 100bb/day each.  These three recently drilled horizontal wells had corrosion and severe  H2S problems affecting the ability to transport the produced oil.  H2S ppm levels were ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 ppm and were trending higher.  Chemical treatments were failing to control the problem.

Treatment with Micro-Bac International’s bacterial products for oilfields began.  A monthly treatment program of BMF-Bac 4 and other Micro-Bac products was begun.

After two months of treatment, H2S levels in the Micro-Bac treated wells declined dramatically to below 100ppm.  A chemical treatment comparison done on similar wells still had H2S levels of 1000 ppm or higher. The customer was very satisfied and decided to expand Micro-Bac’s treatment to the majority of its wells with similar problems.

The use of Micro-Bac, Inc.’s bacterial products in this operation proved to be a very effective and economical treatment for reducing hydrogen sulfide in wells.