Oil Field Success Story

Paraffin Removal and Production Improvement

The use of microbial organisms in the oil field proved not only to extend the paraffin removal and pump maintenance cycle in the oil producing well, but also to improve oil production.  In this project, the goal was to determine whether improved production brought by the use of the microbes is temporary or long term.  The question can now be addressed by the experience of well #333 in China.

Before the application of microbes for the control of paraffin in the oil producing well, hot oil treatment was needed  every month to remove paraffin buildup in the tubing.  Also, pump maintenance was required every two months.

Since Micro-Bac’s Para-Bac injections were initiated, oil production from well #333 increased from 8.37 tons/day to a steady 10 tons/day.  Additionally, in the seventeen months since injection started, no hot oil treatments or pump maintenance programs were performed on the well.  This resulted in a savings of 17 hot oil treatments, 9 pump maintenance programs, and the elimination of 27 days of production outage.  A total of 600 gallons of microbes were injected.

The use of Micro-Bac’s Para-Bac products in this operation proved to be a very effective and economical treatment for treating paraffin and increasing production in the oil industry.