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Emulsion Breaking

A well in the Glauconite “C” Formation found in the medicine Hat Field had a depth of 900 meters.. The total production was 3 cubic meter/day, with a 10% wellhead water cut.  API gravity was 14.9.  Due to a tight emulsion, the operator was unable to reduce the water cut below 0.8% in a 500Bbl tank, heated to 50ºC, using chemical emulsion breakers.

Treatment with Micro-Bac International’s bacterial products for oilfields (Para-Bac) began.  The injection of chemical emulsion breakers into the flow line was discontinued.  A monthly schedule of microbial treatment was established. Within seven days the water cut tank dropped to 0.4 and remained there for 30 days.  Then the water cut began to climb.  The well was re-treated with Para-Bac, bringing the water cut back down to 0.4 again.  Cold weather (-15ºC) brought the water cut in a non-insulated tank up to 1% before the end of the 30-day period.  A supplemental treatment of Para-Bac was administered directly into the flow line, bringing the water cut back down to 0.4 again.

The use of Micro-Bac International’s bacterial products in this operation proved to be an effective and economical treatment for breaking emulsions in the oil field industry.

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