Our litters have been a little larger, and we don’t lose as many newborns.

Jay M., IL – Farrow to Finish Pork Producer

For 2 years the plot treated with manure containing Mega-Bac X out-produced the other test plots by an average of 18 bushels of corn per acre.

Jeff W., IL – Cattle Feeder

Because of solids build up, we were constantly having to scrape out the solids. Since using your product the gutters are always liquid and we have a constant flow into the lagoon. It’s a real time saver and has eliminated a job that wasn’t much fun.

Jeff – A Murphy Farm Employee

When we evaluate we don’t think you cost us money, but in fact you save us money in fertilizer cost, returning micro-nutrients into the soil, labor cost, and of course, legal costs.

David W., IL – Pork and Cattle Producer


I’ve noticed a big difference in the health of our pigs; no tears, no red eye, and we seldom hear coughing or sniffling. Our hogs seem to be more active with less tail biting.

Jay M., IL – Farrow to Finish

I’ve stayed here because of the health issue. Both my wife and I have worked at other places and we consider Mega-Bac X a fringe benefit. It’s funny, but we’ve gone back to places where we worked before and can really notice the difference.

Dave – A Murphy Farm Employee

It’s nice to walk into a restaurant and not have people get up and move because you ‘smell’ like a pig.’

Tom D. – Farmer and Pork Producer


Let me put it this way – my wife and my mother-in-law are both happy with the odor reduction; how could I be anything but happy?

Jim B., IL – Murphy Farmer

I’m recommending you to my customers. The wife and kids say it doesn’t stink as bad.

John B., IA Pork Producer and a Custom Manure Applicator

Because we have such a variety of production methods we still haven’t ‘licked’ all the odor problems. We have however, reduced them and haven’t had any complaints to the state for some time. Our neighbors now call us because they know we’ll try to cooperate using some of your other products.

David W., IL – Pork and Cattle Producer

When the Illinois Department of Natural Resources made a return trip to evaluate our progress there were no comments about odor, which have always been mentioned first before. We are now irrigating a field close to half a mile away without blockage, and with low odor and no complaints. We’ve invited the University of Illinois over to review our progress.

Dave I., IL – Dairy Operator


It took us 18 to 23 minutes to fill a 6,000 gallon capacity Calumet using a chopper pump. Now we average pumping a 7,300 gallon Houle in 4 to 6 minutes.

Tim – Supervisor of Facility Manure Management Plan

Our old Cargill small unit (partial slot) had 3.5 feet of sediment build-up for years. This required us to pump it out 3 or 4 times a year. Since we have used your product we’re able to pump just once a year, and have seen the bottom of the 7 foot pit.

Kevin O.

I tried your product to see the benefits in ‘pump-out’ time. I could care less about the odors. All I care about is pumping a load in the least amount of time, and not having any blockage in my ‘honey wagon’. I’m recommending you to my customers.”

John B., IA – Pork Producer

We have greater crop production using manure treated with Mega-Bac X.

David W., IL – Pork and Cattle Producer



My lagoon (55 million gallons) has been cited 3 times for odor by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. We’ve had complaints about odor from the community and an organization was established to fight our operation. After the treatment, I couldn’t believe the improvement; no solids, no sediment, and even during the 100 degree temperature, very little odor.

Dave I., IL – Dairy Operator

Your products did everything you said they would and more.

Joel S., IA and MN – Pork Producer

You can tell anyone to call me. I really know the difference that Biostar and Mega-Bac have made.

Jim O. – Hog Finisher With 12,000 Head Operation, IL