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Probiotics for the Planet

Cleaning up the planet naturally, one dirty job at a time.
For over 30 years, Micro-Bac International has lead the industry in providing the most natural solutions for effective environmental clean-up with it’s bacterial bio-remediation products. “Green” long before “Green” became hip, Micro-bac provides ecologically and environmentally sound products for cleaning up crude oil spills, paraffin build-up in oil wells, agri-business waste, animal processing facility waste, restaurant grease traps and countless other industrial and biological waste clean up projects.



See your environmental contractor, engineer or us. We can help you solve waste problems quickly and efficiently with the best biotechnology available today.

Do you have a Biosecurity Plan?

adaptions from the EPA website & MBI
Biosecurity is the protection of agricultural animals and biological waste from the environment from any type of infectious agent — viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic. Using Micro-Bac products for agricultural use such as Mega-Bac, an eco-friendly, non-chemical based product, will keep your animals healthy. People can spread diseases as they move within a facility and from one facility to another. Animals or equipment introduced into a facility can bring pathogens with them. Among the many biosecurity procedures that can prevent these types of disease transmission are such measures as use of protective clothing, waiting periods for new animals and visitors, and cleaning.