Water & Waste Water

Water & Waste Water

Treating Water & Wastewater

  • Municipal Waste Systems
  • Industrial Waste Streams
  • Food Processing
  • Restaurant Grease Traps
  • Car/Truck/Equipment Wash Systems
  • Golf Courses
  • Private Septic Systems
  • Industrial Septic
  • Ponds
  • Lagoons


Do you have a Biosecurity Plan? Mega-Bac X™ should be a part of that plan!

Population growth and industrialization have affected the balance of nature. Unchecked, vast amounts of waste can overwhelm the environment. Using the right combination of microbes, Micro-Bac® has developed synergistic ecosystems to handle a multitude of organic wastes from food, humans, animals and plants.

In 1981, Micro-Bac® conducted its first commercial application, the biotreatment of a 75-acre municipal sludge oxidation pond. This successful application led to further research on useful metabolic activities and byproducts of naturally occurring microorganisms.

In large wastewater systems, ponds and lagoons, (our namesake product) improves operating efficiency by reducing sludge and grease, alleviating shock-loading problems, and controlling odor. In septic systems, Micro-Bac® prevents back-up and drain field clogging.

Food processors (breweries, distilleries, meat, poultry, dairy, oil, and grain) use Mega-Bac™ products to maintain efficient activity in treatment systems and waste lagoons and to control odor. At food service facilities and restaurants, products control odor and prevent problems in grease traps, pipes, and drain lines. For use at dairy plants, Lacto-Bac™ was developed to degrade substances specific to milk-derived wastes, such as fat, oil, carbohydrates and protein. For more details concerning food processing, please visit our Food Processing section.

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