Waste WaterTreatment Success Story

Waste WaterTreatment Success Story

A Canadian golf and country club experienced problems with a 200,000-gallon pond beginning to show signs of algae growth.  In addition, the water was an extremely murky brown color,  prohibiting ball retrieval.

This old pond was previously treated with another product unsuccessfully, and then excavated from a shallow 20,000-gallon pond to its present size.  After excavation, a small pump was used to agitate the water in the pond.  However, this did not produce the desired results either.  The pond was then inoculated with Micro-Bac microbial products.

Three weeks after treatment with Micro-Bac products, the water clarity improved.  A total satisfactory level of clarity was maintained throughout the summer.  Ball retrieval was easily accomplished and algae growth was controlled.

Micro-Bac microbial products proved to be superior in improving the water condition of the ponds.  Water clarity was enhanced and algae accumulations were effectively controlled.

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