Waste Water Treatment Success Story – City of Harahan

Waste Water Treatment Success Story – City of Harahan

City of Harahan Sewage Treatment Facility

The City of Harahan Sewage Treatment Plant is a municipal wastewater facility that handles 1.6 million gallons of flow per day.

Before treatment, the plant used two blower motors (one running all the time, the other running 4-8 hours per day) and was not satisfied with the overall water treatment quality.  Improvements in system effectiveness and lower operating costs were also desired.

Once treatment were started using Micro-Bac wastewater treatment products, it was no longer necessary to use the second blower, reducing operating costs significantly.

Effluent improvements were also significantly improved.  BOD levels were reduced from an average of 5.7 mg/L to 2.2 mg/L, and dissolved oxygen levels remained constant, even with the reduction in blower activity.

The City of Harahan plant operator noted no other process changes had been implemented to account for improvements in the water quality.  System effectiveness was enhanced, and operating costs were lowered.

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