Waste Water Treatment Success Story – Canadian Golf

Waste Water Treatment Success Story – Canadian Golf

Canadian Golf Course Pond and Septic Field

A Canadian golf course experienced problems with an irrigation pond and septic field having an abundant algae population and an extreme odor problem.  The clubhouse and the superintendent’s house use this septic field.  Irrigation could not be conducted during normal business hours because of the terrible odor produced.  Flooding the pond in the winter for an ice skating rink was a very dirty, smelly operation.

Micro-Bac microbial products were introduced into the p0nd and septic tanks.  One month later, additional microbes were administered to the pond.  Throughout the summer months, bacteria were poured through the kitchen sink in order to maintain a strong culture of bacteria in the septic tanks.

The pond’s water clarity and odor problems improved dramatically throughout the summer.  Irrigation could take  place anytime during the day without bothering the golfers with offensive odors.  A vacuum truck was not required to clean out the solids in the septic tanks, as in previous years.  During winter, the ice skating rink had much cleaner water, enhancing the aesthetics of the entire area.

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