The Micro-Bac® Mission

The Micro-Bac® Mission

Environmentally Safe Products

The ability to harness the power of microbes (“good” bacteria) activity is the foundation of Micro-Bac International, Inc.®

Micro-Bac International is committed to the development of biological solutions that are both economically sound and environmentally safe. Working around the world in oil production, tank cleaning, bioremediation, wetlands, hazardous waste, wastewater treatment, food processing and animal waste collection systems, Micro-Bac’s biological products provide a safe, easy, efficient and economical alternative to traditional chemical based methods that can harm the environment. Micro-Bac has earned its reputation for excellence with technical support from our state of the art laboratory, dedicated service, and 30 years of unequaled experience. There are state and federal tax incentives availalble for use of some of our products. We take pride that our products leave low carbon imprints and are Made in the USA.

Micro-Bac International, Inc.® is a privately owned, award winning, research, development, and   manufacturing facility that supplies microbial products to a number of industries for a variety of purposes. Each of the product lines manufactured by Micro-Bac® contain strains of microbes specifically selected for their appetite. Numerous strains can be combined for their ability to establish synergistic ecosystems that enhance their remediation capabilities.

Product Safety and Technical Services

All Micro-Bac products are natural, non-pathogenic, and are not genetically engineered. They were developed by Micro-Bac’s research and development laboratories and are manufactured under strict quality guidelines with batch and lot control. No special clothing or equipment is necessary to handle the product. Micro-Bac products meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements for release into the environment. Our microbial products are so safe the EPA chooses not to monitor them.

Laboratory Services- Micro-Bac’s laboratories provide extensive research and development, as well as analytical services including bacterial analysis, treatability tests, and biodegradation studies.

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