Oil Production

Oil Production

Improved Oil Production and Well Rejuvenation

Micro-Bac International is considered a world leader in the development of microbial products that improve oil production. Since our first Society of Petroleum Engineers award for Oilfield Innovation in 1991, our Para-Bac™ products line has grown immensely and has been utilized throughout the world to produce significant changes in the oil production factors that determine success. Microbial improvements in the near welbore region is one of the most notable of these factors. Soaking treatments that clear perforations, remove skin damage, clear tubing and perform thorough well clean up that persists for months at a time.

Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEORs) are a popular stimulation treatment we offer that increases daily production averages, impact formation flow characteristics, initialize flow, mobilize heavy fractions and increase net oil production.

Para-Bac® products are used to control paraffin, corrosion, and scale in producing oil wells, as well as in microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR).  Para-Bac is also used in above-ground production facilities to keep tanks, separators, and flow lines clean, as well as in waterflooding treatment.

Gum-Bac line of products is designed to enhance the performance of stimulation procedures utilizing guar gum based gels in formation fracturing. Depending upon the application, the products may be used to improve any or all of the following factors; relative permeability in the fracturing zone, gel breaking, occult hydrocarbon deposition in the formation, emulsion breakout. Application may be done in prepad or in fracturing fluid modalities. Micro-Bac International’s engineering services group is available to assist in designing the optimal treatment for your fracturing process. The products are non-pathogenic, non-corrosive, safe to handle and ready to use from the container. They are compatible with most non-toxic fracturing materials.

Micro-Bac understands the wide variety of oils that are being produced around the world and has developed an extensive array of oilfield products that address this wide variety. There are also products that provide microbial solutions for waterflood applications, damaged fractures, and tank cleaning.

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