Bioremediation Jet Fuel

Bioremediation Jet Fuel

During a facilities upgrade at a major international airport, a number of underground storage tanks containing Jet A fuel had to be removed.  Overfills had impacted soil and groundwater.  A program was developed to remove and dispose of contaminated soil and to biologically treat the groundwater remaining in the pit excavation.


The project consisted of three phases.  In phase one, all the tanks and approximately 16,000 tons of contaminated soil were removed and disposed.  In phase two, approximately 18,000 gallons of floating Jet A fuel and wastewater were removed.  In phase three, M1000H* microbes and nutrients were applied to the remaining groundwater within the tank excavation to eliminate the final dissolved phase hydrocarbons.  The bacteria were allowed to work for approximately three weeks.  During this time, any free floating hydrocarbons were collected and removed.  Once completed, the excavation was backfilled and the groundwater was monitored for an additional four months to comply with state requirements for risk based clean-up criteria.  Grab samples were collected from three points around the excavation. Results are noted in the table below.

Data reported in micrograms per liter.



#1 Pre-treat #1 Post


#2 Pre-treat #2 Post treat #3 Pre-treat #3 Post treat
Benzene 1.1 .50U 6.0 J .50U 0.90 .50U
Toluene .50U .50U 2.5U .50U .50U .50U
Ethylbenzene .50U .50U 2.7 J .50U .50U .50U
Xylenes .50U .50U 12 J .50U .50U .50U
Naphthalene 10 U 10 U 7.8 J 11 U 13 U 0.5 J
Acenaphthene 10 U 10 U 11 U 11 U 13 U 11 U
Fluorene 10 U 10 U 1.3 J 11 U 13 U 0.6 J
Phenanthrene 10 U 10 U 0.8 J 11 U 13 U 11 U
Anthracene 10 U 10 U 0.2 J 11 U 13 U 11 U
Fluoranthene 10 U 10 U 0.8 J 11 U 13 U 0.7 J
Pyrene 0.3 J 10 U 0.6 J 11 U 0.4 J 0.8 J
Benzo(a)anthracene 10 U 10 U 0.3 J 11 U 13 U 11 U
Chrysene 10 U 10 U 0.2 J 11 U 13 U 11 U
Benzo(b)fluoranthene 10 U 10 U 0.4 J 11 U 13 U 11 U

Note:  U=compound not detected at stated method detection limit

J=reported concentration is an estimated value

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