Bioremediation Success Story – PCB’s

Bioremediation Success Story – PCB’s

Bioremediation of PCB’s

When a building that housed two large electrical transformers was demolished, it was discovered that PCB contaminated oil had leaked and contaminated soil and groundwater.  The soil was removed for disposal, but 5000 gallons of contaminated water collected from the excavation were stored for subsequent treatment and disposal.

A 6000 gallon tank was outfitted with  a small circulation pump and a  commercial hot water heater.  Coiled  pipes inside the tank allowed the contaminated water to be heated and maintained at a temperature of 72-78 degrees F.  M1000H* microbes were added to the tank and circulated for ten days.

Initial concentrations of PCB 1260 were 3 micrograms per liter.  After ten days of circulation, the water was tested again and PCB’s were not detected.  Surfaces inside the tank and circulation system were also tested and found to be negative for PCB’s.  This saved the client substantial disposal costs, both in time and money.

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