Cleaning up the planet naturally, one dirty job at a time.
For over 30 years, Micro-Bac International has lead the industry in providing the most natural solutions for effective environmental clean-up with it’s bacterial bio-remediation products. “Green” long before “Green” became hip, Micro-bac provides ecologically and environmentally sound products for cleaning up crude oil spills, paraffin build-up in oil wells, agri-business waste, animal processing facility waste, restaurant grease traps and countless other industrial and biological waste clean up projects.


Custom Laboratory

All Micro-Bac Intenational, Inc.® products are natural, non-pathogenic, and are not genetically engineered. They were developed by Micro-Bac’s research and development laboratories and are manufactured under strict quality guidelines with batch and lot control. No special clothing or equipment is necessary to handle the product. Micro-Bac products meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements for release into the environment. Our microbial products are so safe the EPA chooses not to monitor them.

Improved Oil Production and
Well Rejuvenation

Micro-Bac International is considered a world leader in the development of microbial products that improve oil production. Since our first Society of Petroleum Engineers award for Oilfield Innovation in 1991, our Para-Bac™ products line has grown immensely and has been utilized throughout the world to produce significant changes in the oil production factors that determine success. Microbial improvements in the near welbore region is one of the most notable of these factors.


Remediation of environmental pollution requires a broad range of technologies. The oldest of these is bioremediation, a natural process in which microbes reduce organic substances to water and carbon dioxide. Because indigenous bacteria are not always sufficient or suitable, the majority of bioremediation projects benefit from the addition of M-1000™ bioremediation products and M-1000 CO for oil spills.


Paraffin Control for Oil Wells

Paraffin Control for Oil Wells

Paraffin Control for Oil Wells